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Name:Vanitas Remnant
Birthdate:Jan 1
• Antipode-verse
• After Birth by Sleep, Vanitas' will and a fragment of his darkness continued to exist. Over time, that darkness festered and grew, eventually giving Vanitas a new body, albeit a fragile one.
• He's become quite a bit stronger, but his body is more susceptible to damage from Keyblades. He compensates for this using his vicious fighting style and hard-hitting attacks.
• Once he managed to stabilize his form, he began a journey across worlds to find the location of Ven's heart.
• He discovered Sora on the night that Riku opened Destiny Islands' door.
• Ever since then, he's been silently lurking in the shadows, keeping his eye on Sora and plotting a way to get Ven's heart back.
• He's a bit more unhinged than he was before and longs to complete himself.

• others from his universe: [personal profile] keybearer, [personal profile] keyless, [personal profile] keylight, [personal profile] individuate
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